Cocoon CateringLuxurious, catering services

“Meeting our client’s goals
is the cornerstone of our philosophy.”

  • We believe in providing our clients with what they want, when they want.
    We know that their objectives are important, and we strive to make sure that
    the services we offer are calibrated to meet these objectives.
    Each event is a unique experience and we adjust
    our thinking and our services to meet the demands of each event.

“Creating lifelong memories
is for us an objective”

Celebrating your corporate events…
Ensuring the successful launch of your product…
Sealing your romantic relationship with a wedding…


“We work with you to find the right venue,
theme, menu, drinks and entertainment to ensure that
yours is a unique and unforgettable event.”


Our people

We believe in relationships and have build over the years, a team, where each member understands and respects the strengths and needs of the other members. We like each other and work well together in a very tight formation because we know that we are as strong as the weakest link in the chain.





Our chefs have international experience. They have worked alongside some of the most renowned chefs in the world and have learned to combine ideas, textures and flavors to create truly sophisticated menus.

They lead by example and with their expertise they manage their teams and try to inspire and aspire them.

Their knowledge and cooking techniques are used to make each event a unique and special occasion.

They know that they play a very large role in making your event a success.


Our staff believe and know that they are providing a service, they want to ensure that the goals of our clients are met.

They do this by ensuring that their very best effort, smile, dedication and their love for what they are doing is reflected in the service that they offer.

It is because they are motivated by the bonds that they have built working together over time that their dedication is reflected in the service they offer, the loyalty they have to each other and the respect they feel for their company!


We love the variety of seasons the smells of autumn with the new harvest, the mild cold of our winter and the warmth of a hot soup, the color burst of fresh asparagus, strawberries in the spring, the blueness of the Mediterranean summer and the freshness of the catch of the day.

We adore the freshness and crispness of fresh fruits and vegetables with their flavors, delicious aromas, the breathtaking colors… their texture in our mouth.

We like to use our ingredients in season, we know the producer, their origin and their date of birth.